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How do workplace risk assessments work?

In order for an office to be seen as fully Covid secure and ready for use, a risk assessment must be carried out. And, whilst this ordinarily falls on the responsibility of an employer, we would advise that landlords, property owners and business managers do this too. In such a tense climate with many people feeling nervous about their work environment, a risk assessment demonstrates that a host is taking extra care when it comes to providing a Covid secure workspace. 

Ofixu has recently partnered with Citation Plc the leading provider of health and safety compliance services to help coordinate the implementation of government required Covid risk assessments and other related frameworks of compliance, the partnership allows us to help our hosts even further by giving them a direct introduction to experts who are qualified to help them certify their space and offer ongoing support and assessment in line with government requirements. If you require risk assessments and compliance advice please email your name, company name, business address and contact number to and we will organise for a Citation expert to contact you with further information.

From the perspective of the tenants, particularly business owners with small teams, they will feel much more comfortable knowing they are working in a fully assessed workspace.

For further information, take a look at the information being produced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) which will show you how a risk assessment can be done. For more information click here.