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How can a workspace be Covid secure?

Most of the guidelines that have recently been published by governments worldwide and the WHO are relatively new, but from what we understand so far, the following criteria are just some of the key factors that determine what it means to ensure workspaces are covid secure.

  • A workspace that puts a large emphasis on hygiene, ensuring that there are enough antibacterial stations available.
  • Allows workers to maintain professional and social distancing.
  • A space that is regularly deep cleaned, particularly in areas such as elevators, hand railings and common areas.

The guidelines set out are important for property hosts to adhere to as it will demonstrate that they are truly Covid compliant in keeping their workspaces clean and hygienic. But this is also crucial for tenants in terms of what they should be looking for when they are thinking about finding and renting a safe workspace. WeWork has recently released their plans for ensuring their workspaces are safe and secure, including modified seating across their common areas as well as visible place markers indicating the minimum 2m distancing measures.