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What does it cost to list my space?

It's completely free for you to list as many spaces as you wish on OFIXU, if however, you receive a booking we charge a small commission of just 10%. We consider a booking to be any of the following.

Instant Booking

An instant booking is one that a guest can make directly through the OFIXU platform, a user selects the space, dates of arrival/departure, agrees to your house rules and T&C's and makes a payment in the OFIXU checkout, at the point of payment our checkout system automatically deducts 10% from the total price, the remaining amount is then paid directly to you immediately after the guest checks in*

Booking After Viewing 

In some cases our guests decide that they prefer to view the host's space prior to committing a rental payment, this is done via our "Request Viewing" feature, or "Contact Me" option, in this case OFIXU reserves the right to invoice the host directly after the agreement is made between the two parties i.e host and guest. OFIXU keeps a record of all viewing requests and contact made between the two parties, this is to ensure and provide evidence for an introduction made via the OFIXU platform, since OFIXU does NOT charge the host to list their space we do deem it necessary to charge for the commissionable payment post a direct rental agreement i.e an agreement made between both parties without OFIXU involved in the payment transaction, usually OFIXU will confirm with a host as to whether a viewing was successful or not i.e that a viewing converted to a successful booking/rental agreement between both parties, if a rental agreement was made between both parties then we usually confirm with host exactly what was agreed both in terms of duration of rental for the guest and the exact cost for the duration of stay, once we have confirmed this detail OFIXU then invoices the hosts for 10% of the total booking value.