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What caused Ofixu to become, Ofixu

By Ofixu · March 21, 2022  · Company

Editor’s Note: This letter was written on 21/03/2022, as part of Ofixu’s launch of its Beta platform Version 4

7 years ago myself and the founding team created a company that most people said could not work, was too early in the market or the concept had never been done before and would not make sense. Ofixu wanted to monetise underused workspaces to help the then 25% of people who worked remotely access offices on-demand without tying up to red tape agreements in other words “5 or 10 year leases”. We were always keen to help startups, founders and technology companies scale their workspaces in line with their team growth in a way that didn’t haemorrhage their cashflow or eat in to their funding too much, we were always going to be seen as being that different and quirky company that would challenge the status quo in the commercial property world, in more recent times I have felt the need to tell the world a little more about what Ofixu is.

When the pandemic hit, offices were shut down, workers were told to stay at home and work from home, commuting stopped!, our business concept suddenly transformed from being an idea that might work for the minority of users into what is now considered a “no brainer” and with an increase of 25% to at least 50% of workers who now see hybrid working and accessing on-demand workspace as being post-pandemic “normal” we had to take this opportunity with both hands and put Ofixu at the forefront of the market. What is Ofixu? Brokers, agents, sales guys? Er well no, we see ourselves as being a marketplace platform built on trust and an enabler for hosts to directly manage, list and book out their spaces to those that want to rent unique workplaces by the day, hour, month or year for 1 to many users or teams for 1-365 days a year. I don’t think many people expected us to succeed there didn’t seem to be an office problem to fix but since the pandemic started and where we now find ourselves is unquestionably the most exciting and rewarding opportunity for all of our stakeholders — Work 1.0 broke <> Welcome to work 2.0 by Ofixu!

When a volcano erupts it shoots molten rock into the air and scatters its ashes for miles, as harmful as that is in the moment what goodness comes from it is very surprising – volcanic materials break down and weather to form some of the most fertile soils on Earth, and in a similar way to how workspaces have become scattered from the cause of the pandemic the effect is an abundance of opportunity for unearthed startups who want to work well, anywhere! Ofixu is here to help cultivate the new frontier of workspace systems, for the locals, for the underused, for the nomadic, for the hybridised, for the on-demand – for the explorers.

Firstly, Ofixu by nature, challenges the city-centric status quo. Over the pandemic, workers discovered unique ways and places to work, online in the garden or in the lounge but after months of being trapped in the 24/7 homestay, people became disconnected entirely from in-person work days. They started working more locally and across Microsoft teams and Zoom. Ofixu have since garnered thousands of unique workplaces since the pandemic began with any type of workspace for any type of work and any length of stay for 1 to many users. Solopreneurs and teams have adapted with the new normal way to work and hybrid working from home + on-demand workspaces has become our clients favoured method of operation — working remotely from another home or underused workplace is now a no-brainer.

The pandemic cause and effect has peen a perfect storm for Ofixu and it has thrown up some realities: wellness, mental health and work-life balance are now even more important, the more we lean in to how people want to work not how companies expect their employees to work the better chance our future generations have of improving their work lives and business culture, ultimately workplaces have become reimagined due to the pandemic but they needed to anyway. The fact is people now want to work well and do their best work, we make that logistically more appealing for employees and employers thorough our workplace discovery model, discovering and curating new and unique places to work, what’s more, enabling property owners and business managers earn income on underused spaces is offsetting against todays alarmingly higher utility rates which can only support economic recovery – we intend to operate for generations to come and help todays entrepreneurs and their teams stay connected in person, with flexibility being the key to their future success – discovery of new workplaces on a local or national basis is the oil rush for this sector and we’re pumped for it! 

Greater business flexibility and technology is giving workers more choice than ever before to work remotely allowing companies to be more productive and efficient. Having a conducive workplace environment wherever you are in the World is crucial to running a business effectively. 

  • OFIXU is the business community’s platform where professionals from around the world can list or book space for any business use and it’s the “go-to” resource for work space owners to list their property and earn income on otherwise surplus space. 
  • As the professional’s choice for booking work and meeting spaces from as little as an hour to a full year or more, 
  • OFIXU is helping business users in the global community book meeting rooms, boardrooms, desks and offices spaces online without any of the unnecessary hassle. 
  • With OFIXU you can control your bookings the way your budget suits you. 

Our spaces can be booked for as long as you need, you decide how much space you require, which location you want to be in, a price that suits your budget and then book instantly on with us.With us you’ll have the ability to learn about and message potential users of your office space. Your availability is also easily managed via your calendar so only you can accept or decline any requests that are made which means that you can rest assured that you’ll have full control over who you’re letting to, and we’ll be there 24 hours a day every step of the way to provide any assistance you may require. As you have complete autonomy over your space, you can choose the cancellation policy that you would like to apply and we at OFIXU will help uphold this for you. OFIXU also handle all payments which ensures that you are paid, and on time guaranteeing safe transactions with our users.

If you have multiple offices worldwide or locally you can list them all on OFIXU and access them from one account, once your listings are up and running you can request for us to send a professional photographer to your office space at no charge. We understand that the business world keeps you busy and on the go so we have developed iPhone and Android Apps allowing you to message users or accept requests whilst on the move and you will also be able to post your listing to Facebook and Twitter in a single click.  OFIXU works with Google to assist in bringing you exposure and we automatically translate your listing into 6 languages.

The Ofixu community for workplace hosts and their guests

1. The Ofixu community is built on trust.
2. The Ofixu community help each other become more creative in the way they work together.
3. Our responsibility is to drive down costs, support entrepreneurs and cultivate a better way to work.

This is what makes Ofixu!

Thank you



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