How an Ofixu Superhost went from 80% underused to £100k in the bank

Ofixu helped monetise underused offices at 77 East Road by providing a platform for Joel, the owner of the property, to list and rent out his unused office space to potential tenants. Prior to partnering with Ofixu, Joel’s office space was only 20% occupied, which meant that he was losing out on potential rental income. By listing his space on Ofixu, Joel was able to reach a wider audience of potential renters and generate over £100,000 in rental income.

Here are some ways that Ofixu helped Joel monetize his underused office space:

  1. Increased Visibility: By listing his space on Ofixu, Joel was able to reach a wider audience of potential renters who may not have been aware of his space otherwise. Ofixu’s platform allowed Joel to showcase his space to a large audience of remote workers, freelancers, and small businesses who were looking for flexible workspace options.
  2. Professional Listing: Ofixu provided Joel with a professional listing that showcased his space in the best possible light. The listing included high-quality photos, detailed descriptions of the space, and a list of amenities, which helped potential renters get a better understanding of what was on offer.
  3. Flexible Pricing: Ofixu’s platform allowed Joel to set his own pricing and terms for renting out his space. This gave him the flexibility to adjust his prices based on demand and occupancy rates, ensuring that he was able to maximize his rental income.
  4. Streamlined Booking Process: Ofixu’s platform provided a streamlined booking process for potential renters, making it easy for them to book and manage their reservations online. This made the process of renting out his space more efficient and hassle-free for Joel.

Overall, Ofixu’s platform and team helped Joel monetize his underused office space by providing him with increased visibility, professional listings, flexible pricing, and a streamlined booking process. This allowed him to generate a significant amount of rental income that he may not have been able to achieve on his own.

The exposed brick office so often an iconic style for Shoreditch, hosted by Joel to the Focal Data team

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